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Revolving Matrix

Sponsor Information

Name: Good Hill Tourism Nepal

Location: - Nepal

Tel No. :

MyGoodHill Business þ MyGoodHill Affiliate

MyGoodHill Affiliate is advertize providing platform of MyGoodHill Tourism Nepal. It was launched in June 2016. Your MyGoodHill Affiliate account is created automatically when you upgrade your account with MyGoodHill Official website MyGoodHill is an advanced multi-featured affiliate network platform evolving since June  2016. It’s a powerful combination of tourism business, ecommerce, fund investment, digital products, online advertisement platform with an opportunity to earn a passive income from home.

mygoodhill affiliate program

MyGoodHill Business has following opportunities:


Skilled & Professional Team

-- MyGoodHill Nepal has a skilled and professional team behind its core development. They have been working in professional tourism management since 2010. Their Developer and Financial management team are very experienced on their own field.

Reliable and Stable Business Model for Revenue

--The company has a reliable and stable business model with multiple streams of income. They have now following streams of earning revenue for their company establishment;

--MyGoodHill has a reputed travel agency named “Golden Step Travel and Tours Ltd.”

--MyGoodHill has almost all renowned hotel and resort coverage for their tourists and clients.

--MyGoodHill has own land property for building their own multinational resort in beautiful Pokhara.

--MyGoodHill is a famous advertisement platform now-a-days. Anyone can buy Adscredit to generate real traffic for his business or website.

--Already they have invested huge money to Nepali Film and Movie Production. They have released their first movie in April 2018.

MyGoodHill management always invests their fund to diversified business streams for long term revenue. They are also investing their fund to stable and genuine crypto market as well since 2017. The team is researching to play on this market very carefully with his trading expert and bots system.

Registration Fees

--There are 2 different membership plans in MyGoodHill Affiliate. As a free member you can’t have any adcredit but you can make unlimited referral. If you want to earn referral commission and if you want to deposit your idle fund to their business, you have to upgrade your account to VIP membership for 20$ Worth of $20 you will get;

   $10 sign up bonus 

5000 adcredit for $5 

$5 Subscription fee

It means you cost only $5 for upgrade your account.

Withdrawal Policy

--Company has a policy that only 5% withdraw charge will be taken from every withdrawal request. You can make your fund withdraw at any time of the week. After submitting your request you will get back your money within 24-48 hours. Minimum withdrawal is $1 and maximum withdrawal is 300$ per day.

Investment ROI

--ROI is upto 12% monthly. There are several investment packages for different kinds of investors. We have two monthly packages. You can deposit your money in any package for monthly return.


 Deposited Amount ($30-$1000) - Monthly Return 8% for 24 month.(Capital + Profit)

Deposited Amount ($1001-$3000) - Monthly Return 10% for 24 month.(Capital + Profit)


Deposited Amount ($30-$1000) – Monthly Return 5% (Only Profit; Capital will release after 24 month)

Deposited Amount ($1001-$3000) – Monthly Return 6% (Only Profit; Capital will release after 24 month)

Sponsor Bonus

You will get 5% sponsor bonus once your referrals upgrade their account or make deposit to their account.

Best Affiliate Program

--MyGoodHill Affiliate offers an option to earn upto 15% of 20 levels deep referral commissions. You must have to upgrade your account to get all kinds of rank and referral income.

Revolving Matrix

There are 7 different stages in this unique system. You can earn a huge royalty bonus from this program. You can up to $20000 reward easily from these stages. Revolving matrix leadership rewards are:

Stage01 name: ONE STAR, Reward: $30

Stage02 name: TWO STAR, Reward: $100

Stage03 name: THREE STAR, Reward: $500

Stage04 name: FOUR STAR, Reward: $1000 + FOREIGN TOUR

Stage05 name: Five Star, Reward: $2000

Stage06 name: Six Star, Reward: $4000

Stage07 name: Seven Star, Reward: $15000

Total reward: $23130 and a foreign trip.

All these opportunities can be achieved by starting the MyGoodHill Business with only $20 at the primary stage.

Rewards & Leadership Ranks

--Rewards and Leadership ranks are also part of the compensation plan on top network and affiliate marketing program. You can win mobile phone, MAC book, or holiday trip when you achieve different leadership ranks.

One Star

Matrix width: 3

Matrix deep: 2

Cycle entries: 1

Cycle bonus: 30

Cycle point: 30

Ad Credits: 30

* You are a One Star

* Matrix 3 x 2 Plan

* Free Entry to the Matrix Bronze Stage

*Cash payout of $30

* 30 Reward Point
* 30 ad credits

* Easy Spill Under

Two Star

Matrix width: 2

Matrix deep: 2

Cycle entries: 1

Cycle bonus: 100

Cycle point: 100

Ad Credits: 100

* You are Two Star Affiliate

* Matrix 2 x 2 Plan
* Free Entry to the Matrix Silver Stage
* Cash payout of $100
* 100 ad credits
* 100 Reward Point

* Easy Spill Under

Tree Star

Matrix width: 2

Matrix deep: 2

Cycle entries: 1

Cycle bonus: 500

Cycle point: 500

Ad Credits: 500

* Matrix 2 x 2
* Free Entry to the Matrix Gold Stage
* Cash payout of $500
* 500 ad credits
* 500 Reward Point
* Easy Spill Under
Four Star

Matrix width: 2

Matrix deep: 2

Cycle entries: 1

Cycle bonus: 1,000

Cycle point: 1,000

Ad Credits: 1,000

* Matrix 2 x 2
* Free Entry to the Matrix Platinum Stage
* Cash payout of $1,000
* 1,000 ad credits
* 1,000 Reward Point
* Easy Spill Under.
* 4D/5N Nepal Tour
Five Star

Matrix width: 2

Matrix deep: 2

Cycle entries: 1

Cycle bonus: 5,000

Cycle point: 5,000

Ad Credits: 5,000

* Matrix 2 x 2
* Free Entry to the Matrix Daimond Stage
* Cash payout of $5000
* 5000 ad credits
* 5000 Reward Point
* Easy Spill Under
Six Star

Matrix width: 2

Matrix deep: 2

Cycle entries: No Limit

Cycle bonus: 20,000

Cycle point: 20,000

Ad Credits: 20,000

* Matrix 2 x 2
* Free Entry to the Next Matrix Stage
* Cash payout of $20,000
* 20000 Reward Point

* 20,000 ad credits
* Unlimited cycle and Unlimited earning.
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Service delayed due to 3rd-Anniversary Program
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