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Name: Good Hill Tourism Nepal

Location: - Nepal

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11. 24/11/2018 20:45
Latest news about withdraw request
Dear Members,
As we are trying to distribute our own crypto token for future currency, we are not giving the withdraw as cash payment. We're doing payment as Reward point against your withdraw request. Please be confident about our token. Because we will bring it on a local exchanger within 2019. To learn more about our token roadmap follow our social media news and blogs.
12. 13/11/2018 17:28
What is bitcoin?
Bitcoin implies distinctive things to various individuals. For a few, it is an eventual fate of unreservedly moving money loosened to any national bank. To other people, it is an absolutely advanced element of flawed esteem and questionable inception. Be that as it may, what is Bitcoin, in the most essential sense? To read full parragraph about Bitcoin and Blockchain click here. What is bitcoin?
13. 01/08/2018 21:42
About Token Wallet Address
Dear member,
For recieving your MTT token you have to put your waves address in your profile. New member have to put his address at the time of registering as a free member.
Stay with us.
MyGoodHill Team
14. 09/07/2018 15:53
Withdrawal your balance frequently
For the faster transaction of withdrawing your request, we would suggest you to submit a ticket writing your username, withdraw balance, registered email and perfect money account.
For auto withdraw with your account balance it can take a longer time than manual withdraw. Because we are having a big pressure on possessing a lot of withdraw request during our office time.
Thank you 
15. 05/07/2018 00:09
About Getting Token for current balance
Dear User and Affilliate,
Thank you for nice support and suggestion during the rebranding situation. We are happy to announce that we are now givingaways with your current balance. So if you are VIP member then register on the matrix and hold the token.
It is going to become a very exciting payment solution for the nepali clients. 
What do you need to do:
  • 1. Login to your mgh account and 
  • 2. Give a withdraw with your minimum account balance
We will set your withdraw as a paid one by giving MyGoodHill MGH Token.
MyGoodHill Team


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27/06/2019 21:34
Update news about digital marketing campaign (Freelancing Jobs)
  Dear members, Our digital marketing campaigns are now active. You can start earning more MyGoodHill Token by completing simple task with our bounty program. Please read the instructions from the bounty details. Now earning is easier from MyGoodHill. Thank you for being with us. MyGo... 
22/06/2019 13:45
Good news for everyone!!
Dear members, We are very happy to announce that we have decided to start our full digital marketing operations with our members and well-wishers. Here are some great bounty ideas to get started earning soon. The following task we will give to complete and to get more MyGoodHill Token. Aird... 
21/06/2019 19:22
Balance Transfer Issue has resolved!
Dear members, As we have got too many requests to decrease the balance transfer minimum amount. So we have decided to update the option in favor of our dear member's betterment. We have set the new minimum balance transfer amount to only 5$ Hopefully, it will help you to build your team. Thank... 
19/06/2019 20:04
We are having serious pressure on answering ticket!
Dear members, After the program, we are having a serious pressure on our ticketing system. Almost, 1000 plus ticket is generating for freelancing jobs. From the big number of ticket, we have to check the real and genuine links and works because there could be a lot of false and fraud worker. Co... 
17/06/2019 10:07
Service delayed due to 3rd-Anniversary Program
Dear members, We are on a busy track for last 3 days in order to organize our 3rd-anniversary program which was held on 16th June, yesterday at Kathmandu. So, we have some delay to accomplish all the pending task on time. So, please be patient and we will clear and process all the pending freela... 

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